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Mattress Cleaning

We spend significant proportion of time in contact with mattress so it is very important to clean mattress like any other surface.It is a breeding ground for dustmites, bacteria and mould spores that lives on dead skin cell.

Dust mites excrete twice their body weight each day and we react to chemical Guanine which is found in their excrement. This is a major trigger for host of allergic reaction including asthama, eczema.With our steam cleaning we also sanitize, deodorise the mattress as well that rempoves dustmites, bacteria from fabric.

Your family spends approximately 1/3 of each day sleeping on your bedroom mattresses. It only makes sense that you'd want those mattresses to be as clean as possible.

Mattress Cleaning Fast Facts
  1. Fact: You're likely sharing your bed with millions of dust mites and swarms of other contaminants.
  2. Fact: Dust mite excrement contains the chemical Guanine which is the 2nd leading allergen source of all allergies and asthma.
  3. Fact: Dust mites live 60-150 days; females lay 80-100 eggs/per cycle; dust mites excrete twice their body weight per day.
  4. Fact: A clean, sanitized mattress can make a tremendous difference in the way you sleep and the way you feel.
  5. Fact: A major component of household dust is Dust Mite feces and Dust Mite carcasses.
  6. Fact: A single ounce of dust can have 42,000 Dust Mites.
  7. Fact: Present day "cold water" laundering habits do nothing to reduce the problem of Dust Mites because it takes hot water (over 140°) to kill them.
Mattress Cleaning will:
  • Reduce and remove dust mites, molds, pollens, allergens, dirt, debris, and other unhealthy contaminants
  • Freshen, disinfect and sanitize
  • Relieve symptoms associated with allergies & asthma
Are dust mites a symptom of a dirty house?

No, a dirty house can certainly worsen the problem but, the truth is, dust mites can and will live wherever there is a food source and the humidity is to their liking. Ordinary housekeeping measures are just not sufficient in homes with allergy sufferers and, as such, mattresses professionally cleaned may be just what is needed.

Of all the rooms in a house, bedrooms by far, have the largest number of Dust Mites. Cleaning mattresses can help reduce the problem.

Why Use A Professional Cleaner?

The mattress should first be vacuumed, ideally with a truck mount so the allergens are vented outside, or with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a hepa-filter. After vacuuming, We will wet-clean the top and sides of the mattress, preferably with a non- allergenic product and a special upholstery tool. Our goal is not to over-wet the fabric. Thus we use an air mover to accelerate the dry time.

Next, we prefer to give attention should be given to the carpets in the bedroom. Mites can be found here as we change clothes and prepare for the day, all the while depositing skin on the bedroom carpet. Cleaning the carpets using the hot water extraction method will also benefit the indoor air quality. For allergy sufferers, we use cleaning agents free of perfumes, phosphates, hydrocarbons and solvents, as many allergy patients are sensitive to certain chemicals.

If you are looking to hire a professional technicians to steam clean your mattress look no further, our technician will rejuvenate your mattress and leave it smelling fresh, cleaned and sanitized.

Click here to contact us for a quote on your Mattress cleaning or call us on 1300 34 1300.
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